A Photographer’s Inspiration — Hitting Close to Home

Most of my photographs are taken here in my hometown,  London, Ontario. In fact, most of them were taken on my daily walks in the small patch of woods in front of my home.

Before the woods, there is a green space with a large, old oak tree with a deep depression around it. As springtime advances and retreats, the melting snow and rain gather in this depression, creating a tiny little pond. I feature this little pond, it’s reflections, and it’s beautiful ice patterns, in my latest collection (perhaps obsession) of the beauty in ice, and in wood and water.

thin ice forms around the base of the old oak tree in rings, makes a transparent, thin gloss on the water with the pattern of crystals just barely formed

Beauty makes me pause in my day — seizes my attention and my imagination, tantalizing  my senses and filling me with pleasure.


screenshot of photos of patterns in ice
ice flow @marymcdonald.ca

I go through my days with my eye and my attention alert for beautiful moments. This is why I use my iPhone for photography, as I always have it close at hand. If you are interested in learning more about iPhone photography, you should look at the iPhonephotographyschool.com website. I have learned a great deal, including recommended apps for mobile editing. Many of my photos I feature on this website have not been edited. I do enjoy editing however, and have been exploring both Enlight and Snapseed. You will be amazed at the photographs you can take and the edits you can make, simply with your iPhone. #iPhonephotographyisreal.

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