Drawing in AR Workshop

poster for Drawing in AR

I’m hosting a workshop, Drawing in AR and creating with mobile technology, for Science Literacy Week. I’ll be at the Central Branch, London Public Library. Join me for exploring the Google Experiment app, Just a Line to play with drawing in 3D space in Augmented Reality. Create an environment in 3D space and share your creations!

It’s (not) Magic! It’s AR!

We’ll also be exploring free, easy to use apps for mobile photo and video editing. Much of my work I create using only my iPhone and my iPad with easy to use, free or low-cost apps. It’s incredible, the sophisticated media that can be created with the technology we carry in our pockets.

For a list of apps that I use and some downloadable images and video files you can use to remix and jumpstart your own projects, visit the Community Resources page at RiverRevery.ca, the website for my collaboration with the wonderful London poet, Penn Kemp.

Come out and join me on Thursday, Sept 19 from 4:30 to 6:30 at the Central branch, London Public Library for some creative fun! This program is offered in partnership with the London Public Library.

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