River Revery AR Art printed in Synaeresis

Hot off the press!! The first of the AR Art for River Revery was included in the latest publication of Synaeresis: arts + poetry, Issue Five,  a London based digital magazine. London poet, Andreas Gripp is the editor behind this interesting trans disciplinary journal, published by Harmonia Press. The journal features photography, original art, poetry and …

Augmented Reality at Historic Eldon House in London, Ontario!

The interactive AR exhibit is on this week!  Are you looking for a fun thing to do in London, Ontario — on a humid, rainy summer day? Augmented Reality at historic Eldon House — the new media of AR has come to London’s oldest standing home — historic Eldon House! My collaboration with poet and playwright …

London Ontario Events: Fringe Festival 2018

London Ontario Events:  Fringe Festival 2018, is fast approaching! I love the boundary pushing, discipline fusing theatre offered by the Fringe. I haven’t quite managed a Wally yet, but each year I have had to buy an extra pass…someday perhaps I will make it all the way to the top! The Wally Pass is named …

the how and why behind multimedia animation

Why Multimedia Animation?

Why do I create multimedia animation? Bill Viola, video artist, talks about the importance of asking why — why an artist creates a work of art.  He talks of how we have gotten away from asking “why” questions. Since the industrialization of our world, we have become preoccupied with asking “how” instead. This video animation gives a glimpse of both the how and the why I create these animations. I find inspiration in the balancing of movement, sound, image and word. Animation frees me to experiment and play with these elements. Animation allows me to dance in the light.

an edited, sepia photo from the ground looking up into the lit sky of cloud and sun, where two glider planes are soaring
into the light

mobile art multimedia animation — dancing in light

This mobile art multimedia animation was created by using a number of apps.  I used various mobile photo and video editing tools within those apps. App smashing for art!

mobile art multimedia animation

Featured in this video is the sculpture, dance of life, that I created while studying at the Instituto de Bellas Artes, in San Miguel de Allende. I traveled to San Miguel with my sister, Anne McDonald, after being evacuated from Kinshasa, Zaire where I was teaching at The American School of Kinshasa (TASOK).

This sculpture was my response to the grief I experienced from witnessing the political upheaval in that beautiful country in Africa and losing so suddenly the home and community I loved there.

Dance of life, dancing in light.

My sister, Anne McDonald is a writer. We have traveled far and well together. On the plane home, I carried my sculpture, Anne carried a beautiful vase, and above us in the luggage compartment was a donkey piñata ….but that’s another story.

photograph of artist and writers, Mary McDonald and Anne McDonald
Mary McDonald and Anne McDonald, Mexico, 1991.