Singer of Songs

First there was one…


Mary McDonald's father's Saturn, steel-necked guitar


This was my father’s guitar. My Mom bought it for his birthday in the 60’s from the music department of an Eaton’s store in Montreal. It is a Saturn, steel-neck guitar. When we went camping, my father would play his guitar at night around the campfire. My love of music was born.

For many years, the guitar was passed among my family members. On Thanksgiving weekend, 2016, the guitar was returned to me. The day I brought it home, I wrote my first song, and truly became, a singer of songs.


(A) Broad(‘s) Shoulders




I also do covers of Katie Baggs‘ songs. Oh Light! and Dum dee dum from her album, Home again, home again¬†are my current favourites. She is a wonderful singer-songwriter from NewFoundland.

Katie Baggs' album cover, Home again, home again.
Katie Baggs, Home again, home again
cover of Katie Baggs' album, Wonderful Strange
Katie Baggs, Wonderful Strange




Songs in progress

Above the trees/I want to be like Emily Carr

Fortune Cookie song

Looking to the 4 directions/Leaning forward

And…From no to yes…which brings me to….





And then there were two…..