Mixing the Arts — Storytelling through movement sound image word

Mixing the Arts —  this is the way I share stories — through movement, sound, image and word — through poetry film, soundscapes, music composition, writing, poetry and performance theatre.

Utility Pole, a collaboration with Vancouver Poet Laureate, Fiona Tinwei Lam

Utility Pole is a poetry film collaboration with poet Fiona Tinwei Lam. Utility Pole explores the transformation of trees into the poles that hold our communications, the many branched network that connect us, as the trees have been severed from each other and their own living networks.

The soundscape is a binaural, 360 soundscape featuring a mix of urban forest sounds, with the sounds of technology today and the pointed call of Morse code, our earliest technologically enabled transatlantic communication. Morse code recording is from credits, Bryce835. To experience the binaural audio soundscape, please wear headphones or earbuds. Binaural audio provides an immersive audio experience, in which you will be able to place the sounds you hear in the space around you.

And now…Still/ed Here.

2 young Serbian girls interact with the Augmented Reality installation, Still/ed Here
Understanding through interaction

Still/ed Here is a story of displacement, told by many voices. It is an interactive participatory installation using emerging media. It started as a poetry film, a multimedia artistic expression of a personal journey through war and displacement. It quickly turned into our collective narrative about understanding our roots, our identity and what it means to be “still here” or “stilled here,” looking into those internal and external forces that make us move from one place to another. 

Poet, Natasha Boskic and me, an artist, Mary McDonald, have decided not to stop there. Over the past 152 years, Canada has welcomed people who have come looking for a safe home. Within Canada’s borders, communities have been moved against their will, or moved in search of employment, housing, access to services. The migration of population as a result of pogroms and search for “better place” is not a new phenomenon. It has been going since the beginning of the world. However, with almost 71 million currently forcibly displaced people, trying to make their home “somewhere else,” we need to think about the consequences of the fragmentations of human lives and families, and find humanity in chaos. 

We want to share our skills and experiences as artists and creators, raise awareness to this important issue by showcasing the project Still/ed Here, and, more importantly, by letting the story of loss or abandonment of home and land through war, conflict, forced migration, and poverty grow and speak for itself.

On the Margin of History, Published and On the Road!

On the Margin of History, Poetry film and Augmented Reality installation has been shown at 21st Consciousness Reframed Conference in Porto, Portugal, in Novi Sad Serbia, and will be on exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery, BC this summer, presented at MIX Experiential Storytelling Conference in Bath, and at the Glucksman Gallery for the Media Arts Festival, Peripheries held in conjunction with Electronic Literature Organization conference in Cork, Ireland.

The film has been published and can be viewed at Zetmag, online journal. This work is a collaboration with Serbian born poet, Natasha Boskic and Syrian poet, Mohamad Kebbewar.

still image from the poetry film, On the Margin of History
Aleppo time is over, still image from On the Margin of History poetry film

Novi Sad future past still image from On the Margin of History poetry film









back to the River Project for Wordsfest, London

Penn Kemp and I were invited by Tom Cull, London’s Poet Laureate, to be part of Poet Laureate Presents, River of Words, at Wordsfest, London. We presented the first of River Revery, Augmented Reality Art Exhibit featuring artwork for Believe…, Silicon Valley and Wishing Well. To introduce our collaboration, I created a tribute to the 2008 River Project in which 19 local artists created work in response to the Thames/Deshkan Ziibi River. In honour of the wonderfully varied work, I created a river of their work, incorporating layers of photographs of The River Project book, site sound recordings, music and a text that draws from the varied artistic forms of expression in the project as well as white water and river words.

Return to the river stories rippled, eddied, swirled, sculpted, painted, fished, embellished, threaded, sketched, sounded, dammed, mapped, bordered, named, burst, antlered, forked, shared here.

River Revery at last!

The first of the Animations and Augmented Reality Art for River Revery, a collaboration with poet Penn Kemp which has received the generous support of the London Arts Council’s, City of London’s Community Arts Investment Program are finally here!!! These will be exhibit at Wordsfest on Nov 3, 2018 at 4:30 as part of, River of Words, the Poet Laureate presents series. The AR (Augmented Reality) art exhibit will be on display at Museum London throughout the weekend.

Wishing Well

Silicon Valley


the how and why of the multimedia animations I create

Dance with me!

dancing in light — a work in progress

This animation will grow over time. I am creating a vision of how I choose to live my life. Light needs to be bent, and to have shadow and colour, as do our lives. At the moment, this is a tiny little teaser. Dance with me and check back…it will expand over time!



through writing, poetry and theatre

people. words. voice.

13 inches of closet space, London One Act Festival (LOAF)

The Grand Theatre's McManus stage as set for the beginning of 13 inches of closet space, a play by Mary McDonald, performed as part of the London One Act Festival (LOAF), London, Ontario, 2017
13 inches of closet space, a play by Mary McDonald, directed by Dan Ebbs, LOAF, 2017

When life erodes her sense of self, how can a pair of binoculars, a hedge, a measuring tape, and the scent of cinnamon help a woman find her way?

writers in residence program — literary collaborations

Poetry Crossover Events with Margaret Christakos

Scene from the performance of, "It's all in the telling", for Whissper, Poetry Crossover Event, UWO Weldon Library with Margaret Christakos
Whissper, Poetry Crossover Event, UWO Weldon Library with Margaret Christakos

It’s all in the telling” multi voice performance piece written for Whissper — Poets Interact with Kinds of Quiet, March 22, 2017.

News! I am working on a fine art, multimedia animation interpretation of this piece for the Visual Fringe. And to celebrate, I am giving away two free tickets to a 2018 Fringe show of your choice! Sign up to win! The completed animation will be shown during the Visual Fringe Festival, May 30 to June 9, 2018. Please come and explore the art, and take in a Fringe theatre performance….or two or three…or…! I will be there!

Promotional poster for Boomerang, a Crossover Poetry event at UWO with Margaret Christakos held on Feb 9, 2017. Poetry and Performance in the UWO art lab where writers interacted with the Annual Juried Art Exhibition
Promotional poster for Boomerang, a Crossover Poetry event at UWO with Margaret Christakos

Blink Back and Beyond written in response to works of art, Untitled by Rebecca Sun and Childhood Wonder by Marissa Martin.


multimedia collaborations with Penn Kemp

So many collaborations and interactions.. from multimedia promotional information for Penn’s work on Teresa Harris…

…to featuring interviews and her own multimedia collaborations in my work exploring the intersections of art and the mobile culture.



through multimedia

through transmedia storytelling

people. stories. media.



Home is where everyone knows your name… and your music…

This is a video featuring our local London musicians and writers  and the ways in which they use the internet to reach out to connect with a global audience. Jake Levesque’s song, Home, provides the soundtrack.

Using the app, Touchcast Studio, it is possible to create interactive videos in which the images placed within the video are linked and can be clicked on. Embedded here is the youtube version which is not interactive. Click, Home to go to the interactive version on my Touchcast channel.


Exploring the Intersections of Art and Mobile Culture

A 4-part series of interactive videos which explore these intersections. You can click to watch the interactive version of these videos — Intersections of Art and Mobile Culture — Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

See my YouTube channel, Media Portfolio playlist to watch the non-interactive videos.

And last but not least, a dream —


What if…

we could use the internet to collaborate as artists, to explore and explode genres into multimedia, multi genre works of art, a creative space where we could all meet …..