Spinning in the Treetops

Apps for editing smartphone photos like Circular and Roll World enable you to turn a photo into a magical circle or spin. You can make animations from these. Create tiny steps of your edit then put these still photos together into an app like Stop Motion Studio to create a photo based animation. Adding my own music and words, I used these stop motion techniques with photo editing apps like Circular and Roll World, Photofox, Trigraphy, Snapseed, and Prisma to create my animation, “It’s all in the telling”. This animation was featured in the Visual Fringe Festival here in London.

If you prefer to edit your photos on your computer, Patricia Brown of Digital Software Products has written this article about good alternatives to Photoshop.

I will be using these same mobile photography editing techniques to create River Revery, an Augmented Reality Art Collaboration with the poet Penn Kemp. Stay tuned for the photographic visual art, animation, poetry and musical intertwinings.

blue sky and tree tops spun into a circle through Apps for editing smartphone photos
spin into blue sky and tree

These spinning tree tops are part of the first of the River Revery animations, also featuring the text from The Dream Life of Teresa Harris by Penn Kemp, and the original music of Mary Ashton, from The Light of the East Ensemble. The Dream Life of Teresa Harris Augmented Reality art exhibit will be launching this Sunday, July 22 at Eldon House and will be on display for the week following.

This original photo of looking up into the blue sky and sun through the trunks of the trees was turned into a magical spin with Apps for editing smartphone photos.
treetops in the sun
treetops spinning into blue sky and sun from using Apps for editing smartphone photos
Apps for editing smartphone photos make tree tops spinning into blue sky and sun
Apps for editing smartphone photosmake treetops appear to be spinning into the sun
spinning into the sun

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