Perspective and camera angle

How do perspective and camera angle affect the photo? Change your perspective and the angle of your camera to get a unique view on the world and a more interesting photo. Here I have placed the camera lens very close to the bark peeling off the tree, to shoot through the gaps to the blue wintry sky in the background. In this way, we get a number of interesting effects and textures. The close view of the bark allows us to see the “story” of the bark — its colours and textures, lines, and detail.

The curls in the bark seen this closely focus our attention on them and inspire thoughts of movement, wind flowing through, time passing. Seeing the particular light of a clear late winter afternoon in the background, unfocused in the background brings the light and the season into the story, the composition of the photo in a way that stretches our minds and imaginations to beyond.

looking through the bark coming off the tree trunk gives the appearance of looking through flags
tree flags
camera angle, low from the middle of the tree, looking beyond, through the holes in the old tree bark through to the snow and dead foliage beyond
passing of time and seasons
Photography tips for camera angle and perspective

Mark Hemmings, of iPhonephotographyschool, has a video out which explains his top 50 tips for improving your photography. The first suggestion he makes is to move in close and change the perspective and camera angle as you look for the best composition for your photos. As I find myself most drawn to small, unexpected moments of beauty, I find myself taking shots like these most of the time. Photography has changed my perspective and my inner eye camera angle. In the portfolio, you can see the photos that I have taken from an interesting perspective and camera angle.

Choosing the perspective and close in camera angle, shows the holes in the bark of an old tree look like lace, late winter afternoon on a clear day can be seen beyond
tree lace


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