River Revery AR Art printed in Synaeresis

Hot off the press!! The first of the AR Art for River Revery was included in the latest publication of Synaeresis: arts + poetry, Issue Five,  a London based digital magazine. London poet, Andreas Gripp is the editor behind this interesting trans disciplinary journal, published by Harmonia Press. The journal features photography, original art, poetry and flash fiction. It was started in 2017 and features artists and writers from across Canada and around our world. So grateful for the opportunities to share art and words with our communities!!

The QR codes embedded in the Augmented Reality (AR) art link to poetry films. The entire River Revery playlist is available on my Youtube channel.

AR art for Wishing Well embedded with QR code
Wishing Well


Silicon Valley AR art with QR image of tree shadow cast against wall edited into impressionist style painting
Silicon Valley

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