London Ontario Events: Fringe Festival 2018

London Ontario Events:  Fringe Festival 2018, is fast approaching! I love the boundary pushing, discipline fusing theatre offered by the Fringe. I haven’t quite managed a Wally yet, but each year I have had to buy an extra pass…someday perhaps I will make it all the way to the top! The Wally Pass is named …

the how and why behind multimedia animation

Why Multimedia Animation?

Why do I create multimedia animation? Bill Viola, video artist, talks about the importance of asking why — why an artist creates a work of art.  He talks of how we have gotten away from asking “why” questions. Since the industrialization of our world, we have become preoccupied with asking “how” instead. This video animation gives a glimpse of both the how and the why I create these animations. I find inspiration in the balancing of movement, sound, image and word. Animation frees me to experiment and play with these elements. Animation allows me to dance in the light.

an edited, sepia photo from the ground looking up into the lit sky of cloud and sun, where two glider planes are soaring
into the light